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Creating a space for high energy, relaxation and/or meditation, family gatherings, power thinking, etc starts with your decor… “it’s in the details!”

Our decor pieces are handcrafted and inspired by nature using resin and wood. Our goal is to help you “Set the Atmosphere “ in your home or office.

Beginners’ Resin Workshop FALL 2021

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Setting the Atmosphere...Give the BEST gift…



Coming SOON!

We are always testing new ideas and products before we list them for sale. Currently testing the quality of permanent vinyls. If you can’t wash them...they have no purpose. Will let you know how it goes!

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Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Click the button below and read up on the latest decor ideas, find out how to decorate with colors, see videos of resin projects you can create for yourself and find out what self-care moments you are missing out on (hint, it's not always about getting away from something!)

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