Refocus, Renew and Pivot

How has your 2020 been going?

Child let me tell you…oh you already know! There is no one word to describe this year. As a black woman, a mom, a business owner, a daughter, a sister, a friend…this is one for the books!

Since you already know what has happened in 2020, let me tell you what I’ve learned.

  1. I’ve learned that having multiple streams of income is mandatory. This isn’t new information, but I was NOT prepared for event industry to take a dive (along with most industries).

  2. Using all your gifts will keep you from being shell-shocked if one is no longer accessible. For the past two years, I’ve focused on events ONLY and was just barely gaining steam when it all stopped. Had I started working on other creative projects, the book I’ve been working on for a couple years, etc there is a chance I would have had other viable streams of income.

  3. I can become a hermit in less than a month and be ok with it. I enjoy the peace that comes with being isolated, but I do miss the energy that flows when managing events.

  4. I’ve learned that my dogs and cat can get tired of me being at home all day. They used to look excited when I would return home. Now they just walk past me like they are saying “Not her again…I wish she would find somewhere to go!”

  5. It’s ok to sit and stare at the wall. I never knew how much time I traveled each day until I couldn’t go anywhere. Even with all I do in a day, I still have a lot of time that has no agenda. Staring at the wall is sometimes peaceful.

  6. I’ve learned that I really do like my house clean. Go figure, now that I have to look at it all day, I want the house clean. I'm gettin' better at it, but I'm glad my house is smaller than what I used to want!

  7. And I’ve learned that the earth will heal itself a lot quicker when we are on lock down.


Renewal of any kind takes time. You actually have to admit to yourself that something is not working anymore. July was my acceptance of that and finding comfort not simply posting just to remain visible. I had to step away to get to a place of creativity, growth, joy…and now that I have, there are no limits.

I hope that this new month, new beginning will be the fresh start you need!


-The Black Butterfly

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