My Morning Tonic...

My morning ritual used to be stretch, get out of bed, make coffee and take care of those lovely bathroom obligations. Then out the door, with coffee in hand, drop kids off at school and myself to work.  By the time I arrived at work the coffee had been consumed and I was at my desk for a long grueling day of work. Of course there's more in that sequence, but the most important parts are included😉.

I was so exhausted at the beginning of the day that by the time lunch came I needed a nap! 

I started looking up ways I could increase my energy. There was cold water, tea, lemon water, fresh fruit...and of course the "hearty" breakfast theory. None of those things alone worked. I started my own research. I knew that water was good by itself, and I liked how I felt when I would have warm peppermint tea in the afternoon...and I just kept trying things out from there. 

Turmeric powder had to grow on me because of its chalky texture, but it was necessary because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger root aids in digestion and is just the right amount of spicy for my mornings. Cayenne pepper does so much for the body... keeps the blood from getting "sticky" so it keeps flowing through those veins, boost your metabolism, and they are rich in vitamins. 

So from there I came up with my "Morning Tonic" recipe. 

NOW my morning ritual consists of get up, do a few yoga poses and move in ways to wake up ALL my muscles, drink approximately one glass of water (to start) and then prepare my "Morning Tonic", using

  • One half fresh lemon juice 
  • Four to five leaves of fresh peppermint
  • About a tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Half cucumber (cut how you like)
  • A teaspoon of tumeric powder or sliced ginger root
  • A dash or two of cayenne pepper (not too spicy it is the first thing you're putting on your stomach)
  • One to two cups of distilled water

I typically put the lemon in the water after it's been squeezed. Add the crushed leaves of peppermint to help extract the oils, next are the the chia seeds and turmeric powder, and last but not least...add the cayenne pepper to to taste. 

Either shake it in a closed container and drink right away, or let it sit for about fifteen minutes, stir with and drink. This tonic wakes me up!

I immediately feel refreshed and a little energetic, but what I have noticed most is that my stomach doesn't feel bloated, and I didn't even notice it was bloated before. I'm not sluggish during the day. I try to make sure I'm eating whole foods in the morning sometimes, but there are mornings when a burrito is what I want. 

I hope this tonic helps you the way it did me.