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Hello there! My name is Christine M. Anderson, and I am the Lead Designer and Owner of Black Butterfly Designs, located in Los Angeles, California. I have planned and designed weddings and special events for friends and family for over 15 years, and have assembled a team of professionals who also have experience and passion to help Set the Atmosphere for your wedding. 

We are filled with joy when our couples see and experience their wedding day for the first time. The time and energy (and all of the waiting) is always worth the joy of seeing your day come together.

Knowing that we were able to play a major part in that makes us proud to use our gifts in this way. 

Black Butterfly Designs was born from the desire to not only decorate weddings, but to design a flow that will create an experience that will enhance the moments to be enjoyed by all, especially the happy couple! In those moments, we are a part of your story and you are a part of ours💙

“The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations!” - Anonymous

-Create a Beautiful Day

Christine M. Anderson
CEO/ Lead Designer


Below, find a list of our services along with a brief description. Each service is further customized based on our clients needs.  

If you have questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Wedding Planning Assistant 
Starting at $2,250 

Have you been planning your wedding yourself and had questions you were not able to get a straight answer for? Were you following other plans you found online and still feel unorganized? Do you feel as if you are missing something in transitioning from one step to another? 

We have designed this service for couples who understand that they need a professional to put the finishing touches planning and designing their big day. This plan is designed in blocks of 5/10 or 15 hours. Meetings are by appointment only, video or phone call, for a maximum of 60 minutes per appointment, frequency of e-mail correspondence and communication is based on time frame remaining prior to your event day. Review timeline, address questions and/or concerns, and provide everything needed to give you peace of mind! Click the button below to schedule your appointment today.

Wedding Management 
Starting at $3,495

Commonly called "Day-of-Planner." You have planned your entire event, booked your vendors, contracted the venue...and now you need a professional to make sure it happens as scheduled. We review your plans, contact all vendors, create timeline, finalize payments to vendors and venue(s), and provide day of management services.                  

Virtual Wedding Planning & Design 
Starting at $4,375

You have an idea of what you want, you booked your venue, started your Pinterest board and even have people on board to manage your wedding day, but recognize you are busy and don’t have time to plan it all yourself and you want help structing the timeline for success. 

With this service, we plan and design it all based on an understanding of what you want and the time you have prior to your wedding day. We provide virtual design using professional software and our experience and knowledge in proper flow and aesthetic. You get a professionally planned event from a distance. Providing the requested information, documentation and access, we follow your goals for achieving the perfect event. Including unlimited communication by e-mail, scheduled meetings by video or phone (based on time frame from the time booked). This service includes one 90-minute virtual meeting to review the final design and flow.

Wedding Planning & Design Service
Starting at $6,095 

Is designed for couples who have decided to hire our professional services for full-service planning and design.

You have saved images on Pinterest, created a special folder on your desktop and loaded up your phone with photos and ideas. We infuse your ideas and desires with our creativity to "Set the Atmosphere" for you and your guests. Digital Renderings, Mock-ups and our "Butterfly Kisses" package will create the experience you dreamed of and better!

Booking our team to plan, customize and personalize your event, will ensure every detail is addressed. Vendor interviews, tasting, meetings, etc. We follow a strategic process to help us plan and execute so that you can enjoy time with your fiance, friends and loved ones.  

COVID-19 and YOUR Wedding 

Along with ensuring you and your guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience, we want to ensure the health and safety of everyone attending and working your wedding. We follow ALL updated COVID regulations per city and state requirements. We have added an additional staff member to check vaccinations, test results, on site monitoring and any additional updates as they may change. 

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