Beginners Resin Workshop Pre-Recorded
Beginners Resin Workshop Pre-Recorded

Beginners Resin Workshop Pre-Recorded

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Recorded Workshop update 09/21/2021

If you are registering for the workshop, but have your own supplies, purchase the “Workshop ONLY” for $25.00

If you are registering for the workshop AND need supplies purchase both “Workshop ONLY” and “Workshop Supplies” for $25+$63.50 +tax and shipping

Are you excited about this “Beginners Resin Workshop”??? We are!!! 

We have created a workshop designed for creatives who have either tried resin and were not happy with the results or have wanted to try it, but didn’t know where to start. This is a COMPLETE beginners course. You will learn everything you need to prepare 6-8 beautiful coasters/works of art. Just in time for holiday decorating or gift giving.

The workshop is pre-recorded workshop and hands-on. You can purchase supplies from us or on your own. We will be working from the supplies list we provide in the kit.

 SAVINGS OF over $200

What you will learn:

- Different weights and uses of resin 

- PPE safety working with resin and proper air flow

- Workspace prep before you pour

- How to mix 1:1 ratio resin

- Adding pigments from transparent to opaque

- Adding additives - stones, leaf, glitter, coffee beans, etc.

- Basic color blending and matching (Advanced workshop coming 2022)

- Reducing bubbles without burning resin

- Techniques for different outcomes (How to design with resin)

- Finding YOUR style

- Curing process and how temperature affects resin


Supply kit includes:

PPE - Gloves (6), Mask (2)

TOOLS - Silicone mat 15”x11” (1), wood stirrers (6), silicone cups for mixing 100ml (2), plastic cups for pigments and additives (12), wood toothpicks (4)

Resin - 8 ounces each two part resin in plastic bottles, pigment powder (gold metallic, black, silver metallic, red green, white, blue)

Additives - Leaf gold, leaf silver, leaf copper, white clear stones, crushed glass, holographic gold glitter, silver glitter


Required items NOT included in kit - Torch (for removing bubbles), spray bottle with 70% or 91% alcohol for cleanup and bubble removal, paper towels, plastic container or cups with minimum 6” opening (to cover projects), paint pens (Uchida of America DECO, Krylon or similar in your choice of color for edging)


*Workshop recordings will be emailed within 24 hours after workshop.

 *1-on-1 appointments included for follow up for 30 days following workshop

 * All participants will receive discount on upcoming workshops - Tumbler Making, Freeform Mold Creations, Color Matching, Table making